The Different Ways God Protects

Different Ways of Protection

Trust = find protection or go to for Take Refuge in Heb

In HIM - Always there. 

Trust activates YOUR awareness of HIM

HE is your shield.

Plug your trust into the right place

What does the protection shield that comes from Him look like?

Personal - MY refuge 

Purple Bible Story Book

Two General Types of Protection 

Protection / Shield FROM Danger 

Protection IN Danger 

Protection From Danger / Escape 

Natural facts

Supernatural exposing of danger

Divine Favour

Sauls 2 children provide info. Songs were of the Lord’s protection

David Escapes with Michal’s Help 

1 Sam 19:11-14


David Escapes with Jonathan’s Help 

1 Sam 20 

Paul Escapes 

Acts 9:25


Wise Men are Warned in a Dream 

Matthew 2:12 - Direction 

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus Escape with Angel’s Assistance

Matthew 2:13-15; 19-22

Angel gives direction in a dream - Direction  


Esther Escapes Death and Saves Her People by Divine Favour

Esther 5   Shield of Favour 

Joseph Escapes Death and Worse Options by Divine Favour

Genesis 37-45

Protected / Shield IN Danger


Divine Presence

Promises of God


Supernatural Intervention

Divine Assistance

Elisha and His Servant Are Protected By An Angel Army

2 Kings 6:8-17 

Angel Army 

Daniel is Protected from Lions By An Angel

Daniel 4

Peter Is Rescued From Prison and Execution by an Angel Protected 

Acts 12 - Direction  

Paul Is Protected During a Storm and Shipwreck By a Message From an Angel 

Acts 27: 13-44 Direction  

Three Hebrew Children Were Protected From Fire By The Presence of God

Daniel 3 


They wouldn't bend

They held onto the will of God so we are told

They wouldn't bow

They would not bow their knees to the idol made of gold

They wouldn't burn

They were protected by the fourth man in the fire

They wouldn't bend, they wouldn't bow

They wouldn't burn.

Now the prophet Daniel tells about three men who walked with God