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Paul's System of Truth

Paul’s System of Truth – Mark Hankins 4th July 2021

Session 1&2

  1. What is man?Spirit Soul Body. Put this truth as a transparency over all points. “Paul’s “pneuma” (spirit) concept

  2. Identification with Adam – One man affected every man. Who is the old man? First Adam – Who is the new man? Last Adam.

  3. What is man’s condition in Adam – Every man has been affected – what is man’s condition?

  4. What happened from the cross to the Throne? In the Gospels you see what man saw – Photograph. Paul’s Epistles tell you what God saw. A spiritual viewpoint – X-ray. The Gospel is the Power – what happened from the cross to the Throne. “In Him”, “In Christ”, “In whom” – describes all you are! Your new identity.

  5. Our identification with Christ – Your identification (Passport) and you are the same person. Your identification with Christ is the same. Rom 6:6. Jesus was not a martyr – He was a substitute. 2 ordinances in the church – Baptism & Communion – demonstrate our identification with Jesus Christ. Every breakthrough is revelation will bring an advancement in your faith. Revelation brings dedication. Gal 2:20. My identification has changes. Eph 2:4-6 We are never fighting FOR victory – we are fighting FROM victory. Eph 1 – Far above.

  6. Who we are and what we have now that we are IN CHRIST.

  7. What Jesus is doing for us now at the right hand of God. Heb 7:25

  8. How to grow up spiritually. Your faith grows exceedingly – comes from revelation knowledge of the Word.

    1. Feed on the Word,

    2. be filled with the Holy Spirit.

    3. Yield to the Holy Spirit – that is how you yield to the will of God.

    4. Ecclesiology – understand the church and relationships

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