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A Message from Tony & Patsy

We love the family God has given us at Rhema Family Church.

Since making our home in Brisbane back in 2006, we have also come to love this nation of Australia. God has brought here people from all around the world, starting generations back with the first custodians – the Aboriginal people.

The variety of people and faces we first saw from our ministry in over 30 nations, we now see here in our Rhema Church family.

God has assembled a wonderful nation of people who make up this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. And Jesus is assembling His church from all the nations of the Earth.

No matter who you are or where you are from, you are welcome to connect with God and each other at Rhema Family Church.

About Tony Cameneti

Tony was raised in Warren Ohio in an Italian/American family.

Growing up, Tony was heavily involved in the disco scene and the trappings of youth. In January of 1979 he was radically born again. He then attended Rhema Bible Training College and graduated in 1983.

While attending Rhema, he worked at Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

After marrying Patsy in 1989, they travelled in itinerant ministry. In 1993 they moved to Italy with newborn Liliana where they lived for 9 years serving as directors and teachers in Bible Schools. They also helped with the establishment of Rhema Italy. It was there that their second daughter Annalisa was born.

In 2002 they moved on to Singapore as Directors of Rhema Bible Training Centre for four years before the Lord led them on to Australia in 2006.

Tony with Patsy, now serve as Senior Pastor of Rhema Family Church, Springwood. They also both are Directors of Rhema Bible Training College Australia & Papua New Guinea and Rhema Family Churches Australia.

Tony Cameneti
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Patsy Cameneti

About Patsy Cameneti

Patsy grew up in the farmlands of Colorado as one of 5 children of Bill and Ginger Behrman - Assembly of God Pastors. From a very early age, Patsy knew the reality of Jesus and had a strong call to bring the Good News to the nations of the earth.

As Patsy Behrman, she graduated from Bible school in Tulsa OK in 1977 and then worked in this ministry under the leadership of Kenneth E Hagin for 16 years. While there Patsy was the Director of the Prayer and Healing Center, and an instructor in the Bible School.

After marrying Tony in 1989 and 4 years in itinerant ministry, they moved with baby Liliana to Italy. Nineteen months later, their second daughter Annalisa was born.

Tony and Patsy served in Bible schools in Italy from 1993 to 2002 before moving to Singapore to direct Rhema there.

In 2006 the family relocated to Australia where Tony and Patsy now serve as Senior Pastors of Rhema Family Church and Directors of Rhema Bible Training College - Brisbane and Papua New Guinea as well as Rhema Ministerial Association Australia.

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