Small Groups

Small Groups are a great place to connect, care for one another, enjoy fun and fellowship, create a sense of belonging, pray and share communication. 

A Small Group is also a place of outreach where members can invite their friends to hear the Good News of the Gospel and to experience the love of God amongst trusted friends.

There are a few different types of Small Groups that meet the variety of needs you may have.

For a complete list of the Small Groups that are available, click on the form and make your choice. 

Join a Small Group to connect and belong in our Rhema Church Family.

Friends Talking Outside

Bible Study Groups

Spend time in the Word of God, discussing it's application and power in your life. 

Here is a list of the current Bible Study Groups:

Tuesday  |7-8:30pm| Waterford West | Daryl & Margot Gulliver

Wednesday | 7 - 8.30p | Mansfield | Geoff & Nina Speechly

Wednesday | 7- 8.30pm | Woodridge | Sharlene Dunn

Thursday |10am - 12:00pm |RFC | Diana Ryan

Tuesday Young Adults | 6pm | Waterford | Bobbie Gardener

Social Groups

Connect with others through a variety of social settings. A great place to make friends and bring friends.

Here is a list of the current Social Groups:

Evergreens | Friday Fortnightly |10-11.30 am | RFC | Giuliana Power

Conquerors| Outdoor interest & adventure group| Bi-Monthly| Kevin Dicuwollah

Mums and Bubs |10.30 am | Various homes | Eva Chow

Online Connect Group | Tuesday 7pm | David and Lindy Sweet

Young Adults Connect | Thursday 7:30pm | Mitch and Anna Robinson

Rhema Kids Family Picnic | Saturdays Monthly | Sharlene Dunn

Friends at Barbeque
Cyclists in nature

Focus Groups

Connect with others by sharing a common interest. Anything from outdoors and fun to kids and creativity.

Right now we are waiting for more Focus Groups to come online.

Prayer Groups

Help make tremendous power available as we work with the Holy Spirit in prayer.

Study group

Here is a list of the current Prayer Groups:

Missions | Monday 8.30 - 10.30am | Waterford West | Marisa Marchitto

RFC Team Prayer  | Tuesday 9 - 10am | RFC | Ps Tony Cameneti 

Prayer for Israel | Tuesday 12pm-1pm | RFC | John & Anne Maher

Prayer for Leadership | Tuesday 10 - 11.30am | RFC | Ani Martinez

Prayer for Logan | Wednesday 10am - 12pm | Park Ridge | Diana Ryan

Prophetic Prayer| Thursday fortnight 10:30am | RFC |Victor & Rita Nikora 

Prayer for Finance | Thursdays 12pm - 1pm | RFC | Diana Ryan

Missions & Outreach | Thursday 6pm -7pm | RFC | Annalisa Robinson

Generations| Friday Fortnightly 8:30am- 9:30am | RFC | Sharlene Dunn

Men's Prayer | Saturday 7-8am | RFC | Ps James Eddison

Sunday Evening Prayer | Sunday 4.30 - 5.30pm | RFC | Ps Jenny Eddison

Pre-Service Prayer | Sunday 7am- 8am | RFC | Diana Ryan

Prayer for Rhema Kids | Sunday | 7:30am- 8am | RFC | Sharlene Dunn