Making My Voice Count

Last week I shared about the difference between revival, awaking and an outpouring

I mentioned as we rest at the end of the year to consider:

Recognise where we are in the end time calendar

Humble ourselves

And pray

Northampton Revival 1734-1735 – New England, America

It started when five or six people got wonderfully converted and a young lady started telling everyone about how she met the Saviour

On the evening of the day preceding the outbreak of revival, some Christians met, and spent the whole night in prayer

The whole town was affected. Edwards wrote: ‘The work of conversion was carried on in a most astonishing manner, and increased more and more; souls did as it were come by flocks to Jesus Christ.’

Jonas Peck in his book, The Revival and the Pastor (1894) noted that ‘for years Dr. Edwards and his saintly wife had been besieging the throne of grace, praying day and night, “O Lord, revive Thy work!” ’

Some people came under such conviction that they were unable to sleep at night knowing the damnation that awaited them in hell.

The work of God was so great that by the second year Edwards wrote: ‘The town seemed to be full of the presence of God; it was never so full of love, nor of joy, and yet so full of distress, as it was then

NOTE: The Edwards prayed for years

We’ll be talking and praying about some relevant things today:

Dec 17th happens this Friday

Making My Voice Count

Two positions / platforms to speak from

Millions are familiar with one of these platforms

Not so with the other position/place/platform

How Did We Get Here.

What Does the World Want and How Does it Get It?

hat Should We Want?

Our Voice in the Natural and the Supernatural

How Did We Get Here?

Remember looking at this?

End Times Graphic - PIC 1

End Times Graphic - PIC 2


Lucifer was cast out of heaven - he is commonly called “satan”

He began corrupting the earth by deceiving mankind

He also began corrupting the world’s system or what the Bible calls: “kosmos”

NOTE: as soon as satan realised how badly God outsmarted him in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection - he began working a revised plan - of course it was attempting to prevail against the church - which Jesus himself said “the gates of hell won’t prevail”

satan has been working for nearly 2 thousand years - on a plan against, God, Jesus, the church, and people