Build A Ministry or Build People?

Encourage Parents:

As society becomes more and more woke - it’s important that parents make a time to sit with your children and discuss what they are being taught

Not everyone can homeschool or send their children to an expensive Christian School

The only solution is to sit and discuss - show what the scriptures say about gender - sex - abortion - God told Jeremiah He knew him before he was in his mother’s womb - Jeremiah was very alive to God - even before conception

racism - the difference of an individual’s heart and legislated racism - it will always be an individual’s heart

INTRO: On Friday I attended a morning leadership conference

I was encouraged as the minister spoke - on various fronts - one in particular was his main theme

Why are we in this? Why are we doing what we do? What is our long term goals?

He made the comment that Christians must always think “eternal goals”